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RMI Reduces Prices Across All Users

March 5, 2013 – Avon, CT – Today RMI is pleased to announce the latest savings they are passing on to customers. These savings affect Mobile Users, businesses using SharePoint, and new ways to save on Full ERP Users. This latest savings represents the third major price decrease to be delivered to ADVANTAGE users since RMI began offering ADVANTAGE in the cloud.

“By the very nature of Cloud, economies of scale are easily achieved based on the increased adoption of businesses using ADVANTAGE. Our commitment to passing on those savings remains strong and we are pleased to again offer greater discounts to our users. RMI is proud of how far our cloud solution has grown in the benefits we deliver, the ROI gained by our clients and the strong adoption by the industry.” Said David G. Richards – Vice President of Client Services “We are constantly on the lookout for new ways we can cut costs for our customers while expanding on the great services we deliver.”

Nearly 2 years after the release of ADVANTAGE Mobile Users, their rise in popularity is a result of the impressive list of functions available that empower more individuals to complete their tasks in real-time. For Mobile Users, RMI Corporation is introducing 3 new pricing levels starting at $149, $99, and as low as $79 based on the quantity of mobile users ordered.

The second price reduction involves ADVANTAGE Full ERP Users. Effective March 2013, RMI customers may declare the number of Full ERP Users that will be logged in to use ADVANTAGE at any given time. If a business declares a number less than the total user count they will receive a discount of up to 30% off the variance. This opportunity benefits businesses that experience a reduction in the simultaneous number of workers in a shift, differing time zones, available workstations, or any other circumstance that dictates how many workers will log in at any given time.

Lastly, beginning in March, all companies using ADVANTAGE will receive 10GB of SharePoint storage to share in addition to the existing 500MB per user. If this is still not enough storage for a company, the cost of additional SharePoint storage drops by 50% to $4.95 per Gigabyte.

Storage increases and price reductions take affect for all customers March 2013. For additional details on RMI ADVANTAGE and these savings, please visit www.rmiusa.com/software.

About RMI Corporation

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Avon, CT; RMI Corporation is the leader in enterprise Rental, Sales and Service Solutions for mid-market companies. RMI is fully dedicated to the equipment rental, sales and service industries and offers an industry standard solution including software, implementation, training, consultation and support to help their clients maximize efficiencies and reach their full business potential. RMI currently has thousands of users working with their ADVANTAGE Solution, representing various segments of the industry. For more information on the ADVANTAGE Solution and RMI Corporation, please visit their website at www.rmiusa.com.

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