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RMI Releases the ADVANTAGE 18th Month Full System Upgrade


January 9, 2013 – Avon, CT - Today RMI is pleased to announce the 4th Quarter 2012 release of ADVANTAGE. This release includes upgrades to Jet Reports and enhancements to Role Centers, and represents the 18th month system upgrade to RMI ADVANTAGE as outlined in RMI’s 10 Year Update & Upgrade Schedule.

Every 18 Months, RMI’s 10 Year Update & Upgrade schedule calls for a full system upgrade. At this time RMI upgrades all components of the ADVANTAGE solution, as well as additional software included in the ADVANTAGE Cloud. The ADVANTAGE Cloud is a comprehensive solution, inclusive of the business tools needed to manage an equipment business; these tools include Business Intelligence, Ad Hoc Reporting and the Microsoft Office Suite.

This release includes the latest version of Jet Reports known as Jet Essential 2012. Jet Essential 2012 makes building custom reports easier with: a more intuitive report wizard, a new auto-complete feature, and a report player that enables users to identify favorite reports and make them quicker to access.

Additional new features include extending historical location tracking of rental equipment, Job and Job Task details extended to employee productivity reporting, additional safe guards were added to prevent the processing of inactive credit cards, extensive updates to ADVANTAGE Role Centers, and more. Visit www.rmiusa.com for additional details.

About RMI Corporation

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Avon, CT; RMI Corporation is the leader in Enterprise Rental, Sales, and Service Solutions for mid-market companies. RMI is fully dedicated to the equipment rental, sales, and service industries and offers an industry standard solution including software, implementation, training, consultation, and support to help their clients maximize efficiencies and reach their full business potential. RMI currently has thousands of users working with their ADVANTAGE Solution, representing various segments of the industry. For more information on the ADVANTAGE Solution and RMI Corporation, please visit their website at www.rmiusa.com.