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RMI ADVANTAGE 2009 R2 Application Improvement 11

December 2012


RMI is pleased to announce the release of Application Improvement 11 for ADVANTAGE 2009 R2.  This is RMI’s fourth quarter release for 2012 and represents RMI’s Upgrade commitment on our 10 Year Update and Upgrade plan.



This release represents RMI’s 2012 4th Quarter Upgrade where our Cloud clients receive the benefit of all of RMI’s improvements to ADVANTAGE, as well as upgrades to the technologies included within the RMI Cloud. 

The environment improvements include:

  • Jet Essential 2012 – the premier Excel based reporting tool. Improvements to Jet Reports include a more intuitive report wizard making it easier and faster to create your own custom reports. A new auto-complete feature adds a level of speed not previously available when writing your reports. Also included is a report player, where you can add your favorite reports and view them with the click of a button.

  • SharePoint Document Library support for our Drag and Drop Document Management solution (discussed later in this document)

RMI delivers updates to our Cloud customers on a quarterly schedule and upgrades on an 18th Month cycle.  Our next planned platform upgrade is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2014. For more details, please visit our 10 Year Schedule for ADVANTAGE.


New Features in ADVANTAGE:


Generating Financial Statements is an important part of every business’ month end procedures. A new financial metric now available in ADVANTAGE is the rental revenue term; that is the customer’s commitment of daily, weekly, monthly etc., lengths of open rental contracts. This new metric delivers a flexible and powerful way to analyze business results by examining the mix of short term vs. long terms contracts.


Improvements to ADVANTAGE:


As the RMI user base continues to expand across the globe, ADVANTAGE has been enhanced to support VAT on Rental transactions. Previously, VAT was calculated on Sales and Service transactions. This enhancement helps to further unify the calculation methods available for all ADVANTAGE users across the globe.


Current and historical location tracking of your rental assets is an important reporting requirement for many businesses. For this release, RMI has extended detailed ship-to address fields through to historical records so you can use RMI’s report writing tools to easily develop custom built reports, displaying the information in a simple and meaningful way.


Recording technician time worked has always been a staple of ADVANTAGE, but now your organization can generate reports including our user-defined Productivity Codes that categorizes different work types. Additionally, Job Costing related tasks are more easily identified by Job/Job Task details.


Accepting credit cards payments is one simple way to drive collections down. In this release, we’ve made the process for handling credit cards even easier. We’ve implemented controls to help prevent older or inactive credit cards from being authorized or charged on long term contracts.  This reduces administrative tasks that normally would have been performed.


Role Center Improvements:

The ADVANTAGE solution can be accessed using RMI’s Classic style menus or via Role Centers, intended to function as a Home Page geared towards the user’s specific job responsibilities.  RMI continues to enhance and extend the Role Centers available in this release. 

The Rental Manager Role Center has been improved to allow you to work more quickly and efficiently.


         Essential rental management reports have been given prominent position and are grouped by function so you have everything you need at your fingertips.


         External Links have been added to this role to streamline access to shared files or web pages.


For all rental roles, we’ve added a new Expired (rental) Quotes cue to our activities pane, where your most job-centric functions are located.  In an attempt to highlight expired quotes, they now appear in red when looking at your quotes so you can quickly see what needs your attention.


A new Drag and Drop document storage solution has been added to ADVANTAGE Role Centers. With this feature, you simply drag the file or e-mail message you wish to attach and drop it into ADVANTAGE.  This new feature greatly reduces the time and effort to attach important documents to Quotes, Orders, Delivery and Return transactions.  The Drag and Drop document storage feature also makes use of SharePoint as the document library, allowing access to documentation even when access to the full ADVANTAGE business solution has not been granted. 


RMI’s ADVANTAGE solution is designed to meet the business needs of rental, sales, service and accounting professionals.  By delivering the tools to meet the reporting and business needs of your staff, you’re able to take full advantage of your business information securely; accessible from anywhere.


For more information on RMI’s ADVANTAGE Solution, contact us at 800-252-5011 or at www.rmiusa.com


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