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Examples of ADVANTAGE KPI Reports  
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Executive Dashboard Report

You’re in the driver’s seat.

Is your business moving in the right direction?

Help your team stay on course with RMI’s Executive Dashboard report, constructed to deliver the most essential business performance measures at a glance.

Revenue Goals, Collection Cycle, Net Cash Position, and Overall Fleet Utilization.
Available on demand or delivered daily to your inbox.

Visualize your results and plan your next move with the ADVANTAGE Executive Dashboard report.
KPIs Report
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KPIs Report
Imagine finding your businesses' KPIs report in your inbox; daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you want it, as often as you want.

The KPIs report keeps your finger on the pulse of the short-term financial health of the business. At a glance, this report delivers insight into how efficiently your business is managed; from Working Capital, to Receivables, and Inventory Turns you'll know where your business stands.

With ADVANTAGE, stay in control of your business by spotting trends and capitalizing on knowledge.

Bank Account Summary
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Bank Account Summary Report

Imagine your bank balances checking on you each day, rather than the other way around.

The old adage "Cash is King" is true even today. With ADVANTAGE, key management reports can be viewed on schedule or on demand, with permission controls that dictate who has access to it and who doesn't. Keep your  CFO, controller, treasurer, and executives in the know with the Bank Account Summary Report.
Fleet Utilization Percentage
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Fleet Utilization Reports

What is your rental fleet telling you?

Are you carrying the right mix of equipment?

Are your rental rates set right?

Fleet Utilization is a key indicator of the performance of your rental business. By managing utilization rates, you're able to spot trends in your market and make rental rate and product line decisions that drive profitability.

The ADVANTAGE Fleet Utilization reports, available in two styles, helps you monitor how different product lines are performing in your market.
Whether you're a visual learner, or a numbers kind of guy, listen to your equipment; it's telling an important story.
Fleet Utilization
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