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Go Live Assistance


The final phase of the implementation process is going “live” with ADVANTAGE.

“Going Live” with ADVANTAGE is the final switch-over from your old system to your new ADVANTAGE Solution. During the “Go Live” process, a final data conversion is performed, and your business will be operating on ADVANTAGE for all day-to-day activities and business intelligence needs.

The first few days can be a little bit exciting for your employees. During this time, RMI’s entire Client Service Team is ready and willing to help answer questions and provide some hand holding during the transition.

In some cases, clients choose to have their RMI Project Manager on site during this phase. Please contact your Account Executive if you believe this additional service might be right for your team.



       Our Account Executive was on our site in Edmonton to help us with our Go Live and was of invaluable assistance. Not only did he help us with some technical issues we had but he also, and perhaps more importantly, helped to alleviate the apprehension many of our employees were having regarding the new system. Over the past months he has been most valuable to us with the system implementation and I can’t thank him enough for his willing support. We made the right decision in choosing RMI as our software provider.”      


Doug Bryks, Controller

Ketek Group Inc.