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The greatest return on your business solution is achieved when your staff is working efficiently and in the most optimal manner. They become more confident, can spot potential trends, and make recommendations that drive business success. High quality training, focused on their area of responsibility, is the key.

There are several factors affecting the quality of that training:

  • The knowledge and expertise of the instructor

  • The delivery method of the course topics

  • The cost of training

    • Class Registration Fees

    • Travel & Living Expenses

    • Lost Productivity and staff coverage

“RMI’s on-line training has been very useful and helpful.  From an administrative point of view, I have discovered several features that will help streamline our processes.”

Tammy Birkmire,

Office Manager

Birkmire Trucking

RMI’s goal is to deliver training to your organization, when and how you need it. We’ve devised a flexible training program that is delivered by a variety of methods since learning styles vary by person. We blend a mix of training documentation and videos via the web.

RMI’s training tools are available 365/24/7 to users of ADVANTAGE. For training materials, simply log in to RMIKnowledge, RMI’s Customer Portal, and select the training session of your choice. All from the comfort of your office, on your schedule.