RMI Corp. Software for the Equipment Rental, Sales and Service Industry Microsoft Dynamics


ADVANTAGE represents the latest breakthrough approach to offering an industry specific solution to the equipment rental, sales and service industry without the costs associated with licensing software and the networking computer hardware that it runs on.




*       RMI ADVANTAGE® Software

o    You can use the system at anytime and anywhere you have access to a web browser using a personalized domain.  (http://yourcompanyname.rmiadvantage.com)

o    All product application improvements will be automatically applied to your system on a regular basis. RMI’s product improvements commonly include new product improvements which can be immediately used in business applications.

*       The following Microsoft Licensing Is Included (At No Additional Charge)

o        Microsoft Word®

o        Microsoft Excel®

o        Microsoft Power Point®

o        Microsoft Excel®

o        Microsoft Outlook® w/POP 3 support

o        Microsoft SQL Server®

o        Microsoft Windows Server®

o        Microsoft Dynamics NAV® Including:


  • Liquidity Forecast - Analysis Views
  • Commerce Gateway
  • Dynamics NAV Server
  • Basic Liquidity Forecast
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Responsibility Centers
  • Basic Analytical Accounting
  • Cost Budget
  • Bills Management
  • Bin Setup
  • Kitting
  • Pick
  • Put Away
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Warehouse Shipment
  • Agile Manufacturing
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Finite Loading
  • Machine Centers
  • Jobs Suite
  • Internal Picks and Put Aways
  • Multilevel Authorization and Workflow
  • Version Management
  • Basic Supply Planning
  • Planning and Dispatching
  • Service Contract Management
  • Service Item Management
  • Service Order Management
  • Service Price Management
  • BRL Service Management Package
  • Multiple Languages

*       All software applications (ADVANTAGE, Office, Anti-virus, etc.) will be upgraded to the latest technology every 18 months.

*       All Server Hardware Is Included – Only Requires a PC or Mac With Internet Access

o    Traditional software purchases require you to purchase expensive server equipment and a network infrastructure to support this.

*       Backup Service

o        Backups occur nightly. 3 Week retention. 

o        No need to worry about purchasing expensive tape drives and backup software

o        You can make your own personal backups to your local machine anytime you want.

0         Copies of backed up data is available upon request

*       Storage Space Begins with:

o        1 GB File / Database Storage

o        10 GB Sharepoint Storage

*       Unlimited Support

       RMI’s On-going Support Program is designed to give you fast, accurate answers to your day-to-day questions relating to system functionality.  We accomplish this by having a trained, full-time staff available for telephone support, for your North American time zone, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The “spirit” of the program is for us to provide answers to questions you may have regarding the use of your system, it is not to have RMI perform your work for you (e.g. we’ll tell you how the Bank Reconciliation function works but we won’t complete a Bank Reconciliation for you!) nor, is it intended to substitute for “training” that is much more involved and discussed elsewhere in this proposal.

Our Support Program delivers the following Service Levels:


Type of Issue:

Example: Response Time:
* Critical Issues  System Down  Immediate to 1 hour
* High Priority Issues  Major functionality down  Immediate to 2 hours
* Medium Priority Issues  Impaired performance  Immediate to 3 hours
* Low Priority Issues System performing  Immediate to 4 hours


*       User Training

o    RMI delivers the bulk of its User Training via its library of Training Videos located at www.rmiknowledge.com.   We have found that video based training is superior to “live” classroom training.

o    Users may select the training that is pertinent to their needs without having to waste time with training that is not pertinent to them.

o    Users may select the time and place for watching the videos that is most conducive to their needs.

o    Users may watch a training video as many times as needed until the topic is fully comprehended.

o    Our proposal includes a key that will make it possible for you to download videos from www.rmiknowledge.com at your convenience. 

Features Office Worker Mobile LT Worker CRM Worker Full ERP Worker
Unlimited access to RMI's certified support team
24/7 Knowledge Base
Hundreds of high quality videos and documentation
Disaster recovery, premium Antivirus and Spam filtering for RMI Services provided
Full access using your device of choice
All services are available from any web browser enabled device
Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, OneNote, Publisher)
Personalized Outlook e-mail account, including Contacts, Calendaring, and unlimited email archiving storage delivered by Microsoft Exchange
25 GB of E-Mail storage
Online Meetings, Instant Messaging, Voice and Video calls using Lync
Shared Workspace for Team Meetings, Calendars and Document collaboration with SharePoint; includes 500 MB SharePoint storage per user
Dashboard and KPI reports on demand or on schedule (e-mail)
Mobile access to ADVANTAGE via any web browser enabled device with or without barcode scanning capabilities    
10 GB Per User Sharepoint Storage    
Sales Management - including contact mainteance , managing activities, leads and opportunities      
Marketing Management - including marketing lists, campaigns with response tracking, sales literature library and templates for documents and email      
Customer Care Management - including service cases, activity tracking, knowledgebase search and services queues for case routing  
Buisness Workflows and Business Process Automation      
Reports, goal management and personal dashboards with charting throughout the solution.      
Integration to ADVANTAGE User with Advanced Reporting      
Accessible via Web Browser, Outlook Connector and Mobile Device.      
Full access to RMI's award winning ADVANTAGE Business system. ADVANTAGE is certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and includes complete access to all of the functional areas you need to manage your rental, sales and service business      
Rental Management      
Sales Management      
Service Management      
Customer Relationship Management      
Credit Card Processing      
Supply Chain Management      
Dealer Management      
Financial Management      
Business Intelligence and Reporting      
Human Resource Management      
Manufacturing Management      
Document Management      
CCH™ Sales tax updates      
Jet Reports™      
1 GB additional File Storage      


*       RMI Customer Portal:

o Receive payments from customers via the web

o Allow customers to see information that is specific to them

o Provide customers added value via your company website

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