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For security on ACH payments over $10,000, the first $10,000 will be paid online and a second transaction will be administered by RMI Corporation immediately thereafter for the remainder.
I agree to pay any credit card or bank account charges in accordance with the Card Issuer or bank account Agreement.
Note: RMI has invested significant amounts in the training and development of the staff we are assigning to your project(s). Because of the talent they bring to each of their engagements, it is not unusual for our clients to make job offers to members of our staff. As a condition to our engagement, you agree to pay RMI a placement fee equal to 35% of the first year total compensation paid to any RMI employee working on your project(s) that is subsequently hired by you as an employee or independent contractor.
(1)CT Customers add 1% Data Processing Services Tax to this amount.
(2)Additional Cloud storage space is available at $4.95/month per 1GB, additional SharePoint storage is available at $4.95/month per 1 GB
(3)Customer is responsible for any and all service fees, data fees, etc. imposed by their cellular provider
(4)Customer is responsible for reporting any sales or use tax in the appropriate taxing jurisdiction(s)
(5)A 3 percent discount will be applied when paying via ACH.
(6)Promo codes are one-time use. After being applied to one purchase transaction, that promo code is considered used.
(7)By purchasing ADVANTAGE, you consent to be added to the RMI Support marketing list that receives support alerts and updates about system outages, RMI closings, and useful ADVANTAGE content